GLPS COVID-19 Response - For the latest information please visit - Today there is new information concerning the closing of our lobby - Last updated Monday March 30, 2020

I want to thank GL&PS’s Customers for their patience and understanding as they conduct business with us while the CV-19 invasion continues.

We have taken steps to separate our employees from each other and from the public to slow the spread of that disease.  

Nobody can know how effective such measures really are, but they are the right thing to do under these circumstances.  

I do know that these steps have made it less convenient for you to do business at GL&PS, and I regret that happening.  But so far, I’m pleased to be able to say that we have gotten very, very few complaints.

It has been a very pleasant surprise to note how quickly you have adapted to and accepted the new processes.  Even though we are running all our office functions through the drive through window, our employees still get the same smiles, the thumb’s ups, and the cheerful attaboys.  It means a great deal to them.

So thank you to every Customer who has tolerated the slow and awkward processes we are using to combat this virus without complaint.  

We promise to continue serving as safely and as efficiently as possibly until this scourge is over.  And when that happy day arrives, you have our commitment to serve more proudly and effectively than ever.


Bill Carroll 


As of 8:00 A.M. Tuesday, March 24, GL&PS will no longer allow public access to any of its facilities.  This step is necessary to reduce everyone’s potential exposure to the C-19 virus.  

Most Customers can avoid visiting our offices by using one of our multiple payment options.  Those can be found on our website or by calling 636-6200.  
Customers having other needs are asked to contact us by telephone at 636-6200 or by using the drive through window.  Note that our responses will be slower and less convenient due to these health related precautions, but we will continue to serve.
The economic impact of the C-19 virus may cause some Customers to experience difficulty paying their electric bills.  Though it is not possible to forgive anyone’s debts, we will work on a case by case basis with those who need extended payment arrangements.  Call us at 636-6200 to start that process.  We cannot assist you if we do not know of your needs.  
Finally, although many things are changing all around us, we realize that our primary obligation is to keep your lights on.  That commitment has not changed.  In the event of a power outage, emergency crews are ready to respond, just as they always have been.

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