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Report on the Greene County COVID-19 Relief Fund


One of the blessings of living in Greene County is being part of a community that takes care of its neighbors.  It’s easy to find many examples of that generosity, but I want to share with you further proof of just how well we care for one another when times are tough.

In early April TVA offered a donation of $15,000 to provide assistance with household electric bills owed by GL&PS Customers who were financially injured by the COVID-19 virus invasion.  The only conditions were that our community must match TVA’s donation by the end of September, and that all funds must be administered by a nonprofit charitable agency. 

To take advantage of this opportunity, we established the GREENE COUNTY COVID-19 RELIEF FUND and asked the Greene County United Way to serve as its administrator.    On April 17 we publicly introduced this program via GL&PS media and local radio and newspaper spots and first asked our community for support.  Remember, we had only six months to match TVA’s donation.    

Given the generosity of this community, it should not be a surprise, but I do think this to be a minor miracle; as of Friday, May 15, $13,745 had been contributed to this fund.  We have almost reached the goal in less than a month.   Thank you to all who made this happen.

That money is important because the GREENE COUNTY COVID-19 RELIEF FUND has already helped twenty families that had just about run out of options.  And because our economy will not return to normal immediately, the need will continue. 

All can be proud of the amazingly quick pace of contributions to the COVID-19 RELIEF FUND.  But there is another very important fact that you should know about the good people of Greene County.  Some of the folks who received help from the COVID-19 RELIEF Fund returned the money they received as soon as they were able to do so.  Others have partially repaid the money received during their time of need, and promise to repay the full amount. 

Repayment is are not required or expected of any recipient; those who are making repayments are doing that so that others in need can also be helped.  They are excellent examples of how our friends and neighbors share each other’s burdens.

WOW, what a great community this is.

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