Prepaid Rates

Access Charge

The Access Charge is a fixed monthly charge that partially offsets the cost of transformers, power lines, meters, service lines, emergency services, and billing processes that are required to provide each Customer with access to electric power service. These costs exist even if a Customer uses no power during the month. For Pre-Pay customers, this amount is divided by the number of days in the month and added to your balance charge. 

Energy Charge

The Energy Charge is the cost of the electricity used to power everything in your home. Your individual electric meter measures your energy use in units called kilowatt-hours or kWh. For example, if you run a light bulb rated at 100 watts for ten hours, it would use 1,000 Watt-hours or one kilowatt-hour (1 kWh). It is calculated using the formula:

Energy Charge = Your Metered Usage x Energy Rate

FCA Charge

The FCA Charge (Fuel Cost Adjustment) is set by the Tennessee Valley Authority and refers to the cost of the fuel TVA uses to generate power (coal, natural gas, nuclear fuels, etc.) It may increase or decrease slightly based on TVA's fuel costs. For more information on TVA's Fuel Cost Adjustment visit TVA Monthly Fuel Costs. It is calculated using the formula:

FCA Charge = Your Metered Usage x FCA Rate

Calculating Your Bill

Total Bill Amount = Access Charge + Energy Charge + FCA Charge

You can use the table below to calculate daily charge for any of the past twenty-four months. The table shows the Access Charge, the Energy Charge, the FCA, and the Total Energy Charge for the last two years. Enter your usage in the box below and click "Update Usage". The table will update with the amount you entered. 

Mobile Tip: Flip your phone sideways to see more of the table. Also, try swiping the table left and right.


Daily Bill Calcualtion Based on 50 kWh

Days in
Daily Access
Daily Amount
December 2018$18.2431$0.07020$0.02072$0.59$3.51$1.04$5.14
November 2018$18.2430$0.06789$0.02046$0.61$3.39$1.02$5.02
October 2018$18.2431$0.06789$0.01795$0.59$3.39$.90$4.88
September 2018$18.2430$0.07126$0.01777$0.61$3.56$.89$5.06
August 2018$18.2431$0.07126$0.02017$0.59$3.56$1.01$5.16
July 2018$18.2431$0.07126$0.02016$0.59$3.56$1.01$5.16
June 2018$18.2430$0.07126$0.02004$0.61$3.56$1.00$5.17
May 2018$18.2431$0.06595$0.02047$0.59$3.30$1.02$4.91
April 2018$18.2430$0.06595$0.02118$0.61$3.30$1.06$4.97
March 2018$18.2431$0.06819$0.02318$0.59$3.41$1.16$5.16
February 2018$18.2428$0.06819$0.01965$0.65$3.41$.98$5.04
January 2018$18.2431$0.06819$0.01931$0.59$3.41$.97$4.97
December 2017$18.2431$0.06819$0.01985$0.59$3.41$.99$4.99
November 2017$18.2430$0.06595$0.01986$0.61$3.30$.99$4.90
October 2017$18.2431$0.06595$0.01819$0.59$3.30$.91$4.80
September 2017$16.3430$0.07121$0.01824$0.54$3.56$.91$5.01
August 2017$16.3431$0.07121$0.02124$0.53$3.56$1.06$5.15
July 2017$16.3431$0.07121$0.02356$0.53$3.56$1.18$5.27
June 2017$16.3430$0.07121$0.02155$0.54$3.56$1.08$5.18
May 2017$16.3431$0.06602$0.02145$0.53$3.30$1.07$4.90
April 2017$16.3430$0.06602$0.02083$0.54$3.30$1.04$4.88
March 2017$16.3431$0.06821$0.02053$0.53$3.41$1.03$4.97
February 2017$16.3428$0.06821$0.02176$0.58$3.41$1.09$5.08
January 2017$16.3431$0.06821$0.02284$0.53$3.41$1.14$5.08

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