It has been reported that GEA/GLPS customers are receiving calls about a $50 rebate to their electric bill. Be aware that this is a SCAM and not an offering from GEA/GLPS. 

Please read the following update on prepaid electric accounts:

Accounts that reach a prepaid balance owed of ($0.01) or greater will be disconnected. This process will run seven days a week and disconnects will now occur every day of the week including weekends and holidays. Effective March 1st, 2021 a reconnection fee of ($5) will be required if the service is disconnected in this manner.  

Effective June 1st, 2021 a ($25) deposit will be required on accounts without a deposit on file disconnected in this manner.

What did the GEA board vote on?

The GEA board voted to take the necessary steps for GEA to begin providing broadband services to the central portion of our county effectively defined by the city limits of Greeneville.

When will these services be available?

There is a significant amount of work to be done for GEA to be able to begin offering broadband services and it will likely be towards the end of 2022 before the first customer is served and it will likely be late 2023 before broadband services are available from GEA everywhere within the city limits. Once a timeline is able to be specifically determined, we will make that available to our customers via our website.

What will it cost?

The specific services and associated pricing is still under development and they will be published on the GEA website when they are known. It is our desire and intent to provide a superior product at a very competitive price with excellent customer service.  These services will be provided through a fiber optic network that will go all of the way to the point of service.

What about customers that are not within the city limits?

Although the immediate plan is to provide broadband services with the city limits of Greeneville, we will be actively applying for grants to extend GEA broadband services to other parts of Greene County. Most grants specifically target areas that are either unserved or underserved, so those are the areas that are most likely to benefit from these grant opportunities. If we do have some areas that receive grant funding, we plan to leverage that infrastructure to begin providing services to areas that may be in close proximity to the fiber routes to these areas. The timeline for these opportunities will be defined by the specific grant that may apply. Additionally, the GEA board will consider extending beyond the city limits of Greeneville at the appropriate time.

Tips on how to spot a scammer...

Don't be pushed into action. Just because someone looks or sounds official doesn't mean they are. Criminals hope we will be frightened into letting down our guard and that tactic often works. If you receive an unsolicited call or email that threatens legal action, ignore it.

Take control of your telephone. A significant portion of criminal's consumer activity involves telephone calls. Unfortunately, caller ID can no longer be considered reliable, so unless you recognize the telephone number, the best tactic is to let the call go to voicemail.

Greeneville Light & Power will never contact you by phone requesting payment. If you receive a call requesting payment, hang up and call us at 423-636-6200.

Also, use caution when making online payments. Some bill pay companies may come back as the result of an internet search and could possibly even use our logo to look like you are making a payment directly to us. These companies may charge a fee in addition to your payment. To ensure this doesn't happen, make certain you are making online payments through Smarthub. Check to make sure that the URL is correct in the address bar and look for the "lock" symbol. The appearance may vary between browsers and versions. Below are some samples:


smarthub link


smarthub link ff

Internet Explorer 11

smarthub link ie

To get your balance or make a payment, please use one of our methods listed in the article below:

 Payment Options

Effective February 15, 2020, Greeneville Light & Power System will no longer be an Issuing Agent for State Electrical Permits. Permits will need to be purchased Online at For questions you will need to contact one of the following:

TN Department of Commerce & Insurance - 615-741-7170

Larry Craddock – 865-805-7022

Bruce Shelton – 423-419-0004


You can now pay your bill or report an outage without waiting in line!

  • Call 423-636-6200
  • Press 1 to report an outage
  • Press 2 to hear your balance or pay your bill

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