Security Lights

Greeneville Energy Authority offers security lights for residential and commercial/industrial customers. If you are interested in having a security light installed, please call us at 423-636-6200. Below you will find the installation cost and monthly charges for a GEA owned security light.

Fixed Costs

These are one time charges that are required to install/modify the security light on your property.

Install security light on a new pole: $325 + Cost of Pole
Install security light on existing pole: $100
Move an existing security light at Customer request $100
Change the type of security light at Customer request $100
Activate the first existing security light at Customer's location $75
Activate each additional security light on the same property $25

Monthly Charges

These are the recurring monthly charges for a security light on your property.

Security Light Charge

The Security Light Charge is the monthly charge for a GLPS installed security light and will show up on your bill as the description of the type of security light you have. This covers the cost of electricity and maintenance of the light. 

Device FCA

The Device FCA is determined by the Fuel Cost Adjustment set by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The amount of electricity used by a typical security light of each type is multiplied by the current FCA Charge to determine the Device FCA. To see the monthly FCA Rate visit the Residential Rates Page.

The table below shows the most recent Security Light Charge and Device FCA for each type of security light offered by GLPS. Remember these vary slightly month to month, so match the date on the table below with the Statement Date on your bill. 

Security Light Charges for July 2024

Description Security Light
150Watt Methal Halide 13000LUM$9.25$1.52
175WATT 7650 LUM-MVI$7.62$1.56
400Watt 19200 LUM-MVI$13.72$3.46
1000Watt 40100 LUM-MVI$29.21$8.43
100Watt 8550 LUM-HPS$7.47$0.94
150Watt 14400 LUM-HPS$8.76$1.40
400Watt 45000 LUM-HPS$17.70$3.68
1000Watt Methal Halide$32.60$8.88
400Watt Methal Halide$19.40$3.75
272 Watt 31000 Lumen LED$21.96$2.21
64 Watt 6600 Lumen LED$8.74$0.54
212 Watt 26500 Lumen LED$20.73$1.72
64 Watt 7068 Lumen LED DECO$13.06$0.54

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